Tinkering School Bratislava 2012 – Day 7

Here we come again with Session Two and a new children. Well, save from Pavla who is staying for this session too. After short looking around and a short talk about our rules we head-jumped to our first project. After our last week’s fantastic experience with chair building from strips of plywood and wooden blocks […]

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Tinkering School Bratislava 2012 – Day 6

Note: Pavla helped me with writing the blog post today. Her comments are in italics. I cannot imagine a better weather for camping. After a hot summer night spent in the tents in our garden we woke up to a beautiful morning. I have no idea at what time the kids woke up. All I […]

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Tinkering School Bratislava 2012 – Day 5

There is a long day ahead of us. Kids are not going home at 5 PM like usually, but rather staying for an evening camp fire picnic and then adventurous sleeping in tents. The weather forecast is favourable – the night is supposed to be hot, so I hope everything goes well… But let’s keep […]

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Tinkering School Bratislava 2012 – Day 4

Deň 4 - Viazanie prístrešku

This morning we had a dilemma which project to chose for today, because we had prepared more projects we could possibly do in a week. Eventually we decided to use the long hazelnut tree sticks kids brought from the forest yesterday and we will lash them together to create a shelter. Well, parents are here, so we are forced […]

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Tinkering School Bratislava 2012 – Day 3

After two days spent in the backyard we set on a trip to the woods with knifes in our pockets. Originally, we wanted to get kids some practice in using pocket knives and lash a structure made of hazelnut branches, but the events had a different twist to them once again 😉 Jana stayed home […]

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