We are successfully past the first day. As it turned out me and Jana we were not the only ones eagerly anticipated this day.  Mathias, one of the seven tinkerers, woke up one hour earlier than he intended. He realised his mistake no sooner then he rang the bell at the door of his friend Michael, whose parents were going to drive both boys to the Tinkering School ;-).
After saying goodbye to parents and short explanation of rules, handing out gloves and goggles (very cool goggles, mind you) we explained kids the situation. The country of Quameaukiriki was flooded by a humongous tsunami wave and took away everything that stood in its way. Desperate Quameaukirikis were left even with nothing to sit on. The only thing that was left at the sea shore were just some bits and pieces of plywood and wood from the hull of an old ship. Luckily, the sea also washed ashore a box with some cordless drills and one-size wood screws.  Well, it seamed we had to built some chairs our selves. But how, when all experienced and skilled woodworkers were washed away by the sea?

See you tomorrow, friends.