Kids arrived for Day 11 of the Tinkering School packed more than usually. Tents, pads, sleeping bags, … Yes, tonight we are not going home. We have a sleepover. We are going to do some tinkering during the day, have a picknick in the evening, play with lights at night and then sleep in tents in the garden.

We left our project unfinished yesterday. The table football is nearly completed, but there are some bits and pieces here and there that needs to be done. First we need to attach handles at the ends of threaded bars.  Last night, the grandpa threaded the holes in the handles for us so that we can screw rather then glue them on.

It’s 11 PM, so it’s time to pack everything, wash and go to sleep. Richard was picked by his father and taken home. The rest of us are going to search for a comfortable spot in our tents. Wind is picking up a bit and there seam to be some lightning far in the distance, but it looks like we are going to have a hot night. After half an hour everything is silent, save for a quiet giggling  coming from the girls’ tent. Tomorrow is the last day of this year’s Tinkering School. Will we manage to build the time machine? Will it work. I’m falling a sleep.