Note: Pavla and Ema helped Rasto to write today’s blog post. Their comments are in italics.

My eyes were still half closed and my breakfast unfinished when first kids arrived in the morning at 7:45. We had an excellent plan prepared for today. Our intention was to start with a new activity, but as soon as kids arrived they grabbed their cordless drills and started improving and modifying  the chairs they made yesterday. They got so involved in it! It became clear to me that they just don’t have enough of practising the the skill they learned yesterday. OK, changing plans. Let’s go for the Plan B. Let’s drive some more screws.

After the terrible tsunami a group of unfortunate Quameaukirikis got trapped on a little island surrounded by water infested with sharks. They desperately need help. One of the options is to make some kind of a catapult by which we would be able to shoot some food packages to the island. But kids decided for the other option – to build a bridge. Well, obviously this is more permanent solution. A catapult would help only temporarily. I cannot but totally agree with them.

After my short introduction to the concept of closed triangles in bridge and crane structures children got to taking apart their beloved  chairs. The thing is we will need a lot of material for the bridge. One group went to survey the disaster area (bottom end of the garden) and find out what would be the best place to build a bridge at. We discovered that the sea is the narrowest between the last elevated garden terrace and the lowest branch of the nearby walnut tree. We need to bridge a 4 metre distance.

See you again tomorrow.