For Wednesday, Day 9 of Tinkering School Bratislava, we invited a kind guest – young Slovak designer Juraj Vyboh, known also under his artistic name Repa. Juraj is a truly remarkable artist renown for his unique lamps and other furniture made of waste and recycled materials.  I came across Juraj’s work the first time three years ago when we were preparing the very first TEDxBratislava 2010. At that time he made a stage design and a large futuristic lighting fixture suspended above the stage. Juraj kindly agreed to come and show kids how beautiful things can be made of ordinary recycled plastic bottles. When I was inviting him I had no idea how fantastic will Juraj turn out to be with kids .

Juraj, thank you so much for your visit and your  super creative ideas. Kids really enjoyed your visit and your recycled art.