Note: Pavla helped me with writing the blog post today. Her comments are in italics.

I cannot imagine a better weather for camping. After a hot summer night spent in the tents in our garden we woke up to a beautiful morning. I have no idea at what time the kids woke up. All I know is that when the grandma went to buy fresh groceries at 6 AM, she heard kids playing and fooling around. (I had a great night’s sleep because I didn’t have to write a blog 🙂 Really, who wood sleep when roosters are crowing and you can jump out of your sleeping bag and go fooling around in the net.

Session One of Tinkering School Bratislava is over. We all had a great time over the past week. I believe that kids are leaving with having a better idea of how things work and what’s hidden under plastic covers of the appliances. I hope that they are also taking away an experience that they are able to tackle even problems that sometimes may seem to be incredibly hard or impossible.

For children, they have a few more days of the summer holiday left. And for us, there is a short one day break and then a new group of kids on Monday. Most of them are a little bit older. We have plan, but as always, we will let ourselves drift on the tides of imagination, wishes and needs of the children. One or two projects may be similar, but we will definitely do some new things as well. Follow us to see how we are doing.