Here we come again with Session Two and a new children. Well, save from Pavla who is staying for this session too.
After short looking around and a short talk about our rules we head-jumped to our first project. After our last week’s fantastic experience with chair building from strips of plywood and wooden blocks we decided to repeat the project this week as well. We will make do with cordless drills, one-size screws and the precut material. Cordless drills are fantastic tools and children just love them.

We saw once again that chair building from plywood and blocks of wood is a marvellous activity for kids. A chair can be anything from a single strip of plywood supported by two wooden blocks as legs to elaborate royal thrones with all kinds of bells and whistles. With this activity children are simply doomed to success. The process is fun from start to finish and the outcome is never the same but always surprising. Matt and Adam are a living proof that a suitable light-weight cordless drill (our lightest one weighs just 1 kg)  can be efficiently handled even by 7 year olds. The activity is also a great starter for more challenging stuff where team work is required.
See you again tomorrow.