Well, here it is. The very last day of this year’s Tinkering School Bratislava. We have done two weeks of projects, designing, building and tinkering. Kids have a single day left during which they should finish the Time Machine project from yeasterday’s Day 11.

Kids woke up at about six thirty. When I woke up a little later girls were all excited to tell me that after I fell asleep last night they lit their torches and played cards. Mathias from the neighbouring tent joined them too.  So that’s why there was so much giggling and whispering coming from their tent last night. Being my daugter, Pavla knew that I’d quickly fall asleep and they were scheming. Well, I’m curious to see how well will they do with the drills today when they stayed up late last night. Teresa had to wake up and leave even earlier because she is playing soccer for a team and they have a match abroad today. Well, today we will have to do without Teresa and Richard.

The last day of this year’s Tinkering School Bratislava is over. These were two fantastic weeks that we will long keep in our memories. Kids were fantastic and it was a pleasure working with them. To summarise my feelings and findings and to draw any plans for the future, I’ll allow my self a little bit of time to let the whole think sink in a bit. After that I’ll write one more concluding blog post.

But before that, thank you for following us a keeping your fingers crossed for us. Your every positive feedback encouraged us and gave us strength. Good buy at some other interesting project.

Rasto, Jana and Pavla Geschwandtner